Special Race/Drive Suit Cleaning Services

Blue-N-Green Drycleaners have perfected a cleaning process from experience and with new technology for cleaning Race/Drive Suits.

Race and Drive Suits are valuable articles which if treated appropriately will last for many years. Obviously part of the treatment is how they are treated when worn and the environment in which they are used. Another key part for prolonging the life of the suit is the regular cleaning using processes which will not hasten the degrading of the suit and the materials of which it is made. Insufficient and irregular cleaning can leave dust particles to grind away at the fibres just like sand-paper.

Race and Drive suits take on stains from oil and grease as well as water based stains including body fluids such as perspiration. Often, a single cleaning process will not remove all of these stain categories and the odour which accompanies them. On the one hand, a hot water based cleaning approach may remove most foreign matter but cause colour loss and shrinkage. If a cold water based system is used, some stains will not be removed. If dry-cleaning alone is used, which is usually effective for oil and grease stains, not all odours will necessarily be removed. While some Race and Drive Suits can be both dry-cleaned and water washed, others may have a “care label” advising that it is to be cleaned with only one of the processes with the obvious limited success. It should also be kept in mind that each Race and Drive Suit will have a limitation on how many effective cleans can be performed for a total effective life.

In most dry-cleaning plants, an organochlorine solvent is used leaving a lingering chemical smell in the suit which, in the confines of the car or truck, can become uncomfortable causing headaches, dizziness and other effects. It should be noted that when dry-cleaned, the suits are totally immersed in the solvent then spun and dried.

Blue-N-Green Drycleaners are different. It has done what 90% of Germany’s cleaners have done – we utilise a non-toxic modern biodegradable cleaning fluid. It is also textile friendly yet very effective at removing most stains, especially oil based. A key benefit is that the driver wearing the suit does not need to put up with any remnant chemical solvent smell.

Just call Blue-N-Green Drycleaners on 09 273 5253 and we will explain how we can be of service to you wherever you are located in New Zealand.

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