The specialists at Blue’N'Green Drycleaners have a combined total of over 50 years experience in garment care practices and quality systems. A garment care system was chosen from the beginning which is based on biodegradable components. This innovation, first introduced in 1997 by Regal Drycleaners of Newmarket, not only provides significant health and environmental advantages, but also the odourless processes are gentle on clothes. These features plus the Blue-N-Green Drycleaners ’10 Steps to Guarantee Customer Satisfaction’ have made Blue-N-Green Drycleaners the garment care service providers of choice for many discerning customers since operations began in late September 1998. Blue-N-Green Drycleaners were the second drycleaners in New Zealand to introduce this superior process and received technical assistance at the time from the former owner of Regal Drycleaners to achieve the same high quality standards which he was renowned for.The continued success of Blue-N-Green Drycleaners is based upon the development of appreciative and loyal customers who get priority treatment rather than to allow themselves to compete on price alone.


1. FREQUENT DRYCLEANING PROLONGS GARMENT LIFE. Does drycleaning shorten the life of your clothes? On the contrary; not only do stains set in with age making clothing unwearable, but ground-in dirt and soil act as an abrasive, causing rapid wear of fibres. Many independent USA and European studies have confirmed that regular professional drycleaning has no negative effect on fabrics.
2. ALL DRYCLEANERS ARE NOT THE SAME! Most drycleaners use a strong cleaning solvent called Perc (Perchloroethylene). This can be very aggressive on fabrics, dyes and trimmings. It may also have adverse environmental and health effects. Today’s progressive drycleaners use technologies which are both fabric-friendly and environmentally acceptable.
3. SPOT & STAIN REMOVAL; A SKILL LEARNT OVER MANY YEARS. Stain removal is a balancing act between the possibilities offered by time- chemistry-equipment-and the resistance and stability of colours and fibres. It therefore follows that in this area there is no substitute for knowledge acquired through experience.
4. NOT ALL DRYCLEANERS USE FABRIC CONDITIONERS. Fabric conditioners should be used by drycleaners to bring a bright, crisp “just purchased” look to garments. Most drycleaners do not use conditioning additives because they’re considered too expensive. Caring cleaners, however, consider fabric conditioners to be an essential part of the drycleaning process.
5. MACHINE PRESSING OR HAND IRONING? Fine clothing demands special attention in pressing. Some drycleaners press entirely by machine – it’s obviously faster and cheaper. Caring cleaners, however, complete the pressing process with light hand ironing
6. YOU GET THE LEVEL OF DRYCLEANING YOU PAY FOR. If a price seems too good to be true, it probably is. For a drycleaner – taking shortcuts is easy. Consumers should be more concerned about value for money. Quality cleaning definitely prolongs the life of the fibre and enhances appearance.

Why Choose Blue ‘N Green?

What is special about the Blue-N-Green Drycleaners process?
Our drycleaning equipment utilises a paraffin type odourless biodegradable cleaning fluid supplied from Europe. We do not use Perchloroethylene solvent (an organochlorine) used by most other drycleaners in Auckland (developed 50 years ago for the Drycleaning Industry and other industries such as the Metal Cleaning Industry) which remains as a subject of much debate and global concern; our cleaning fluid does not attract the same attention – it evaporates or burns into carbon dioxide and water. It is also gentle on clothes and is not harmful to the health of operators.
Blue-N-Green Drycleaners take professional advice from Dr Peter E Nelson BSc (Hons), PhD, FNZIC (Consulting Environmental Scientist). His Environmental Audit of our plant has given us the ‘Green’ light as leaders in environmental responsibility.
GENTLE, THOROUGH DRYCLEANING Using the latest drycleaning technology and systems from the USA and Europe, Blue-N-Green drycleaning is safe, thorough and gentle on garments.
EXPERIENCE Blue-N-Green Drycleaners is a privately owned and operated company with some key personnel having a quarter of a century of drycleaning experience. Inexperienced people are now buying into the drycleaning industry – their operators may be ‘learning’ on your clothes, often with no experienced or qualified supervision.
ENVIRONMENTALLY RESPONSIBLE We’re very aware of our environmental responsibilities. While most other drycleaners still use questionable organochlorine cleaning fluids, Blue-N- Green Drycleaners utilise proven environmentally degradable products.
MODERN PRESSING METHODS Blue-N-Green Drycleaners utilises the same pressing systems and technology as many international fashion houses. All pressing at Blue-N-Green Drycleaners is finished with light hand ironing.
RECOMMENDED BY MANUFACTURERS & RETAILERS The Blue-N-Green Drycleaners process is recommended by leading New Zealand manufacturers of clothing and our services are also endorsed by many of designers and retailers.